There are 3 concepts / goals that underlie our direction and what we do.


The idea behind OneIT is to use one system, the Remedy system, for managing all work and capturing performance metrics at every touch-point. Using one system improves transparency, eliminates the Dev/Ops problem, eliminates silos and captures the cost of each service request in the Service Catalog, and since you know the requestor’s organization, can report on all of the work requested by each organization. This is the easiest, fastest and least expensive (dare I say “cheapest”?) way to get to a fully integrated Demand Management System.


Operationalizing processes

Operationalizing processes improves efficiency, improves customer service, builds confidence from the user community, eliminates silos, eliminates duplication of effort, and lowers cost. Examples include the Dev/Ops processes, the Acquisition process and multiple Service Fulfillment process, and there are many others.


Using really good people

The reality is, with really good people, you can get things done. And without really good people, you can’t. One user says: “Implementing the next release of the software never solves the problem. The solution involves getting different people to work the problem.  The solution involves getting different people to work the problem.”