Project Remedies is a 30 year old solution provider, offering end-to-end services along with our robust applications: APM+ and ACIRM+

We are focused on helping our clients:

Achieve Improved Compliance and Auditability Outcomes

As a Critical Technology Risk and Compliance System, ActionProgram Manager Plus adds Project Management functionality to GRC functionality.  It is a comprehensive, structured approach to managing work.

Implement Accountability and Discipline

Designed for organizations with lots of projects and lots of people, often in multiple locations, ActionProgram Manager Plus uniquely integrates process management, project management, resource and workforce management, governance and cost management functionality.

Advance Your Company’s Cybersecurity Capabilities.

The better prepared you are, the easier to recover.  Our team includes very senior cybersecurity leaders who have hands-on experience dealing with the most sophisticated state-sponsored attacks.  You will want them available and in the office within an hour if your company is attacked.

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