Core Beliefs

Do a good job for the customer

Focus on quality. No one ever called up and asked the price for shoddy service.

Complete the project; don’t drag it out

There is more work to be done.

When finished with the report, present it to the people who you interviewed first

After completing the report, first present it to the people you worked with because they the ones who will do the work to implement the recommendations.  Then, present it to their management.  Then present it to your sponsor and to everyone else involved with approving the recommendations in the report.  If you do not first review it with the people whom you met with, i.e. the people who will implement the recommendations, the message is that you do not care about what their feedback was.  They will never forgive you.  There are no shortcuts in this area.

Listen well. Write well

Both are involved with effective communication, and both are key to accomplishing our customer’s goals.

Hire the best people

Without the best people, the higher the risk that the project will not be completed let alone completed on time and on budget.

Be Frugal

We spend your money the way we spend our money.