What we do

Project Remedies is focused on 2 areas:

  1. Reducing your organization’s cybersecurity risk. 

    Our partners, including Bernard Global and Cyber Way, have years of experience dealing with real-world cybersecurity attacks.  Steve Bernard,Founder of Bernard Global, was Senior Vice President, Global Security for Sony Pictures when they were attacked by North Korea.  Maor Aknin, President of Cyber Way, started the Israeli government’s Incident Response Department and was Team Lead for the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) when they were attacked.  Don’t you think having a working relationship with Steve and Maor work would be beneficial to you company?  Having they advising the Board to insure that your “crown jewels” are adequately protected?

    Other partners, such as JNN Group, Inc. and Klever Compliance, are experts in compliance including helping companies document their policies and processes, providing pen-testing and other import capabilities.  All are very experienced and responsive.

    Our Critical Technology Risk and Compliance System ActionProgram Manager Plus has been called a “GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) System plus Project Management.”  While “compliance” can mean that, for each thing the governement or the insurance company wants, you have a documented policy and a documented process, what APM Plus delivers is “accountability” as well as “better compliance and auditability outcomes.”  It uses each process to automatically create project plans and cost plans, i.e. insuring that your people are actually doing all of the tasks in the process and automatically capturing when they started each task and when they completed each task.  For us, “compliance” means all 3: you have a policy, a process and proof that your people are actually working the tasks in the process.

    In addition, the metrics captured are the ones needed to optimize performance.  Our approach creates a continuous process improvement program.

  2. Help organizations with lots of projects and lots of people, often in multiple locations, manage the work.

    Our Critical Technology Risk and Compliance System ActionProgram Manager Plus is a comprehensive approach to managing work.  It requires participation and because of this, is very easy for people in the multiple roles involved to use.  Automating (almost) everything, APM Plus gives leadership visibility into the status of every project at any time.  In addition, leaders and workers are all notified automatically in time to take action, not 6 months later.  Team leaders are using in the project manager role, not trained project managers.  (Someone said that APM Plus is “for organizations that need 10 project managers but only have 3.”)   The system uses work templates to automatically generate project plans and cost plans.  That way, not tasks are missed.  Your are able to respond quickly to change.  Project plans and cost plans are generated in seconds, not hours.  There are other benefits as well.

    Our professional services team provides end-to-end support, from helping you document your processes, to training administrators and users to use the system.  Our team is made up of smart, mature, nice, innovative, honest, team players that finish projects.  All are experienced  and many have Secret or Top Secret clearances.  Our reputation has always been that we do a better job after the sale than before the sale.