Project Remedies is a services and technology company, a 28 year old, Veteran Owned Small Business. Please give us a call at 310-230-1722 to discuss your situation.

We are focused on helping our clients:

Implement a Continuous Process Improvement Program

With our services and technology, we can help you quickly define and operationalize common repeatable processes and capture the performance metrics necessary to pin-point opportunities for efficiency.

Implement Discipline

One user says that our approach “implements discipline,” and with improved discipline, end users will have more confidence that IT has its act together.  IT will be able to provide users the information they want and need to know, for example, when their requests will be completed and at what cost.

Reduce Costs

Whether by consolidating service desks or data centers or both, by increasing efficiency or by tracking the cost of each request, our approach helps you reduce cost and set up continuous improvement processes enterprise-wide.

Project Remedies applications are developed in the USA by US Citizens.

Get in Touch

To discuss your company’s particular issues or to schedule a web demo, please call Project Remedies at 310-230-1722