Who we are

Project Remedies Inc. is a 29 year old, Veteran Owned Small Business.

We are a solutions provider, providing end-to-end service to our clients:

Achieve Approved Compliance and Auditability Outcomes
Implement Discipline and Accountability
Advance Your Company's Cybersecurity Capabilities

As a services and technology company, we often use one or both capabilities to help our customers achieve their goals, improve efficiency and lower cost.  Whether we are advising the board on the company's cybersecurity protections, doing pen-testing for a client or implementing ActionProgram Manager Plus, our Critical Technology Risk and Compliance System, so they can prove to the regulators their people are doing what they are supposed to be doing, we have the skilled professionals and project management experience needed to get the job done in the most timely and cost effective manner.  Project Remedies is the low cost supplier.

Our reputation is for being competent, doing a very good job, completing projects, and having a close, positive working relationship with our customer.  While many think the expression is: “The Devil is in the detail,” our approach is “The Godliness is in the detail.”  We are thorough and deliver value.  When a prospect, the Chief Technology Officer of a world-wide organization, said that he was going to hire us for a project, I asked: Why us?  He said: “Because your references said that you are competent.”  Competent is a good thing.