What we do

Focused on improving overall IT performance, IT Operations, Procurement, and Service Desk performance, Project Remedies does 3 things:

  1. Assessments and Transformation Projects. 

    Our work has involved both large and small scale projects, including organizational performance as well as data center and service desk consolidation projects.

  2. Market Process Automation Tools.  

    The Botprise Hyperautomation Platform automates processes involving a few tasks that can be performed by computers in nanoseconds, seconds or minutes, while our ActionProgram Manager plus automates processes with a larger number of tasks that are performed by people and take hours, days or weeks to complete.

    • Robotic Process Automation.  Project Remedies is a reseller of the Botprise Hyperautomation Platform, a next-generation leap-ahead process automation platform that is very impressive and very easy to use.
    • Automating Process, Project, Resource and Cost Management Applications. Our process and life-cycle management system ActionProgram Manager Plus (APM Plus) is used to automate your operational processes as well as over other 20 use-cases Other use cases include automating managing replacing assets before they reach their end-of-life dates and automating managing scheduled and unscheduled asset outages.   This is the application necessary to establish a continuous process improvement program.
  3. Placing Senior Subject Matter Experts.

    Whether senior project managers with Agile and or Waterfall experience, senior Remedy consultants or ServiceNow consultants, or senior people with other skills, our consultants typically have at least a Secret clearance.