Dev/Ops: Using One System for Managing IT

Using One System for All of IT: Eliminating the Dev/Ops Problem.

With ActionProgram Manager Plus (APM Plus), our Remedy-based process and life-cycle management application, processes within and between these organizations can be operationalized, and the performance metrics can be captured.  This eliminates the Dev/Ops problem while solving other problems at the same time.  16 other use-cases have been identified for APM Plus, including automating request fulfillment, managing the complete acquisition process, and managing cyber remediation processes.  Defining, practicing and measuring will speed up each process.  Our services support these efforts.

Many IT organizations use the Remedy IT Service Management Suite for Operations, and an application like MS Project or Jira for Development.  While both are good tools for their intended purposes, the inherent segregation of effort builds fences limiting situational awareness and hampering collaboration, and neither tool can be used for automating processes like the software development process or the software delivery process.  Neither is a “process” application.

With APM Plus added to the Remedy IT Service Management Suite (they both run on the same environment), both Operations and Development can use one system, the same system, reinforcing common understanding, bolstering collaboration and communication, eliminating the Dev/Ops conundrum and optimizing efficiency.  APM Plus can be used for both Development and Operations processes and projects, whether agile or waterfall, as well as those for other organizations too.  This is the easiest, fastest, and least expensive way to implement a Demand Management System that manages all work across an entire IT organization and critically, captures the key performance metrics at every touch-point.

And because processes are stored in templates, the need to train people on the process is eliminated.  They just have to work the tasks assigned, and if they want to see the process, they just click on the Gantt chart button.  For large organizations spread around the globe, this eliminates a major problem.

Whether you are in Development, Operations, or overseeing both, we often find ourselves seemingly over tasked and under resourced.  APM Plus seamlessly shines a light on processes, tasks, and resources, and offers perspective and insights often unavailable in enterprise-level organizations.

For more information, please download our white paper: OneIT: Eliminating the Dev / Ops Problem and Operationalizing Common, Repeatable Processes Enterprise-Wide.