FITARA, the Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act’s goals are to:

  • Enable the CIO’s role, with respect to the development, integration, delivery and operations of any type of IT, IT service or information product.
  • Strengthen the CIO’s accountability for the agency’s IT cost, schedule, performance, and security.
  • Establish management practices that align IT resources with agency missions, goals, programmatic priorities, and statutory requirements.
  • Establish IT management controls while providing agencies with the flexibility to adapt to agency processes and unique mission requirements.
  • Enhance transparency and portfolio review.
  • Support the Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative.
  • Successfully implement cybersecurity policies and processes.
  • And more.

Project Remedies’ combination of experienced consultants and Remedy-based technology are uniquely focused on all of these areas.

ActionProgram Manager Plus (APM Plus) can be used to track and manage each acquisition package through the complete acquisition life-cycle enterprise-wide, and automatically notify the CIO when he/she needs to review and or give their approval to the package. It gets the CIO involved at the right time within the life-cycle.

From defining the scope of the acquisition, through the acquisition itself and then the delivery of the solution, APM Plus tracks each step, and insures that what is delivered aligns with what was requested.  Leadership within an organization can see the status of their acquisition packages at any time while senior leadership can see all acquisition packages at any time, enhancing transparency and portfolio review.

And APM Plus can be used to speed up the process by collecting the two key performance metrics: task duration and time spent.  Let’s stay for example that the package goes into Legal for a month.  APM Plus tracks the actual duration while it is in Legal, and also tracks the amount of time people in Legal actually spend on each package.  With these two metrics, management can have discussions about how to speed up the process, and without these two metrics, they cannot.

Project Remedies’ consultants can help define each process, and train users throughout the organization on using the application.

And this is just one of many potential use cases for APM Plus.  It truly “enables the CIO’s role, with respect to the development, integration, delivery and operations of any type of IT, IT service or information product.”  It brings scope, process, project schedule, performance and security together in one system.  And it leverages the agency’s investment in Remedy because it runs on your existing Remedy environment, is supported by your Remedy support team, and reduces training because it has the same user interface.

Please call our President, Stan Feinstein, at 310-230-1722 to discuss your situation.